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Monday, June 8, 2009

Riffly API update

These are some additional information I managed to obtain about the services. First of all, the API does not offer an username/password authentication method for premium users. If a user has a premium account, they add their domain in their control panel on, so it will auto-detect any riffs that are played from their domain.

Second, the metadata for riffs is only available though JavaScript. More exactly, imagine you have the ID of a riff: B47686169D7111DC9B0D44CF0D09CCE3. In order to get its metadata you have to read, which will give you something like this:

  "created" : "1196227339",
  "riffly_id" : "B47686169D7111DC9B0D44CF0D09CCE3",
  "playbacks" : "80",
  "type" : "video"
The most useful things here are the created timestamp and the playbacks count. Unfortunatelly, in order to display these in the File Picker, I would have to get these files for each riff and parse them in PHP. I'm not sure it's worth it.

A possible solution is to find the a way to embed some <script> tags in the File Picker that load JavaScript from this address The code produced by this address will call the myCallback function. Unfortunatelly, I'm not sure this will work with HTTPS Moodle instalations.

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