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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Octave taking over Matlab

I'm trying to replace my Matlab R12/Windows habit with Octave 3/Linux. I installed the QtOctave IDE, but it seems to bulky (especially because I use Gnome). I didn't liked it, so I uninstalled it.

Next I tried another approach: I installed the gedit-plugins package which contains the embeded terminal plugin and enabled the filesystem and embeded terminal plugins. My GEdit window setup looks like similar to Matlab's default view, except for the workspace and history sidepanes (which I didn't use much anyway).

I also added the file .octaverc in my home directory and added this line to it:
edit EDITOR 'gedit %s'
This command makes Octave's edit command to open files in the gedit (instead of default emacs).


  1. Hi,
    where is the gedit-plugins package ?
    How I can to install it ?

  2. If you are using Ubuntu, you can find it in the Synaptic package manager application (located in the System/Administration menu), or you can run this command in the terminal (press Alt+F2, select run in terminal, and paste this there):

    sudo apt-get install gedit-plugins